Never a dull moment, never: home, pregnancy, life.

Every time we think things are settling down...nope. There's always so much going on, to think that life "settles down" is a falsehood that no one should believe. I've given up on things being "calm"...until maybe I'm 70 or something.

 We settled into our new routine at the new house and then I was knocked flat with "morning" sickness for 6 or so weeks. Bye bye routine.  Hello randomness and squeezing in whatever we could, whenever we could. Hello behaviors from boys because they had no routine and knew I couldn't do much about it.  That was fun...not.  Now we're getting back in to our routines and it's been opposed at every turn by them. But, then again Kian always has some behavioral issues right before his next birthday. And I was given some reading on "the 6 year change", which totally explains Kian right now.  Basically, a theory from child developmental experts and psychologists, that going from little kid to big kid throws children a curveball around this age. That there's a big jump in brain development as they're now more academically minded, and trying to emotionally figure out feelings, body, behaviors, etc. They vacillate between snuggly kids and independence and shun toys for more "grown up" things, etc. Totally him right now.  So, that's fun.

There's also been a slew of medical issues that keep arising.  Nothing extremely major, but just enough to keep me stressed out.  Once the morning sickness subsided, the hernia popped back out. It came about in the middle of Karter's pregnancy. It's not a huge deal, when I'm not pregnant, it goes back in and doesn't bother me. When pregnant tho, it sticks out and can be bothersome. It hurts off and on, and I think because the growing is pushing it in weird ways, that I didn't experience with Karter, because I was already bigger when it came about. If that makes sense.

Some other minor typical pregnancy issues, that I won't bother mentioning here, just annoyances.

Then....this has been the fun one--hear that sarcasm?--Blood disorders.  Yay.  So, I knew I had a Factor VII deficiency from before.  It isn't a huge deal, my numbers aren't that bad, it just means it takes a little longer for my blood to clot usually. Nosebleeds have been bad this time, I get them anyways, but at least 3 times a day now.  It could also be allergy related along with pregnancy, BUT...then my dad had to go and add more fun stuff in the mix ;)  He's been diagnosed with Osler Weber syndrome also known as Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) (info here: )  Essentially, a disorder that causes abnormal artery/vein formation, lots of nosebleeds, red spots on teh skin, mouth, etc. and these abnormal veins (AVMs) can be found in the brain, lung, etc. which can pose serious issues if they being to bleed. 

I have always had the nosebleed problem, just not as severe, so figured I was in the clear. But, being pregnant they wanted me tested too. The hematologist showed me I have some of the spots too (telangiectasias) on my tongue, lip and hands. So I've had a few blood draws, one of which was so horrible that today 2 weeks later, I still have bruising and soreness, she was either a vampire or new and I was her first attempt ever! We're waiting on the final results. I have to see an ENT to check into the nosebleeds and nasal passages for these AVMs. The concern is that if there are AVMs in the lungs, it can pose a problem in pregnancy (or anytime) and they wanted to know about it. But, on the other hand, I've had 2 successful pregnancies and deliveries, so they're not super worried. Still stressful.

My June calendar is nuts, there's only 2 days that are completely empty.  There's weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, a lot of birthdays on Kevin's side, Kian's birthday and a super soaker party we 'won' from, the boys are excited. And, the appointments, oh the appointments.  I also have Kian scheduled for an eye exam.  He's probably fine, but seeing that Kevin and I both needed glasses around 8, I want to just get a baseline. And sometimes he can't see things farther away, that we all can see, like the bunny in the yard. He will also be seeing an orthopedic specialist. I took him when he was 2, for very flat feet and pronated ankles. At that time they told us to let him go barefoot a lot (check) and get good sneakers for when he's wearing shoes. We did, but in the summer it's bare feet or crocs--better than flip flops right? But, it's not improved and worse. His ankles pronate so much that sometimes it appears he almost walks on them, and they stick out, towards each other, with extremely flat feet still. Arches are supposed to develop by age 6, well they haven't. Along with me spending hours on the phone with doctors and looking up numbers, printing and filling out lots of paperwork, it's no wonder our routine is still not in place.

I had switched doctors when we moved out here and saw her for my first prenatal.  But, I found out some things that I wasn't comfortable with, that she does, and along with the concerns of blood disorders, etc. I have been looking for another one. Not easy, we're not nearby the big hospitals anymore and I am picky about which one I want.  After making several calls and some tentative appointments, i gave up and decided to go back to my previous OB, that delivered the boys. She has an office closer to us and still with Strong.   She's familiar with me and the blood issues, and other doctors I called were father away for visits and another hospital, etc. Taking out the stress of finding a new doctor and being able to focus on the other issues, and her knowing my previous history and blood concerns, will make it easier. I didn't always like her ideas or suggestions, but the 3rd time around, I think I'm able to say what I want and need just fine now.

And, this long-winded entry is because I was woken up when Kevin left for work at 4:45am, and dealt with a nosebleed for an hour, with both boys in my bed. I gave up trying to sleep at 6am. Another time I"ll post fun stuff, like the zoo pictures and such. Maybe once June is over....I don't think I've ever looked so forward to July in my life.

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