48 hours countdown, and comparing the differences

48 hours until our ultrasound. Several people have asked me if I am excited. I am but I'm slightly afraid to be disappointed or have any reaction other than happy.  I'm believing everything is fine with the baby and no concerns will arise there. While we are hoping and leaning towards girl, you never know, and everyone likes to point out the track record we already have set. A baby is a baby, a healthy baby is what is wished for, but everyone also knows I'd like to have a daughter.

Interestingly, I have noted some differences in this pregnancy, from the other two.  The first 2 pregnancies were pretty similar, the biggest difference was that I was sicker with Karter (all day vs just morning) than with Kian. I kind of thought that meant a girl that time.  This time I was about the same, and threw up the same handful of times I did with both of them.  However, my first sign that I might be pregnant was this crazy insomnia and night sweating, in the middle of March, when I normally do not have any insomnia issues, nor sweating like that.  Never happened before, and I thought something else was wrong with me! 

I'm a belly sleeper and a left side sleeper (since this is what they teach you while pregnant, has to do with the artery to uterus or something, I don't remember) but this entire time, I only want to sleep on my right side. I have not had any heartburn yet. I don't really remember craving specific things with the boys, just wanting a lot of protein (meat, cheese, etc.).  But, in addition to that, this time I have been craving olives-daily, and salty things. Obviously I try to limit that and drink  lots of water, etc.  The drinking, I have never been so thirsty in my life , well except when nursing a new baby. And tired! I'm assuming it's because with #1 I used the "I'm pregnant" excuse or people used it for me, and I didn't do a lot, and I didn't have any other kids to chase after.  I was tired with Karter but felt better by second trimester.  I feel good, but I am just overall tired and by night, I'm exhausted. There's no time to slow down and relax, I'm still outside and gardening, and cleaning house and laundry and all that regular stuff.

There's so many old wives' tales about gender and symptoms-sick vs not sick; sweet cravings mean a girl, salty mean a boy;  if your nose gets bigger it's a girl; on and on. Some friends were trying to get me to do an Intelligender test  (over the counter, pee in a cup and it will tell you girl or boy at 11 weeks) but I'm too cheap, it's a $30 test and the testing method and statistics look easy to manipulate. A lot of people swear by the Chinese Gender prediction charts, but there are various versions online and have told me different results for both boys and this time around.  It is what it is, the baby's gender is already determined, we just don't know it yet. Soon we all will...if the baby cooperates ;)

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