Ode to Jon

I told him he'd be the first on my tribute list.
Jon and Kevin went to school together from about 3rd grade on. They both went to Brockport College, but in totally different degree programs. I think they rode the bus togehter? He'll correct any misinformation I put out there. So, I met Jon when Kevin and I were dating. I believe we went to his house to swim after I moved into my ghetto apartment (yes the days of ghetto brook apt, i mean meadowbrook apt don't let the pictures fool you, they don't tell about how Kevin's car got broken into, how the guy downstairs beat his wife and we always had to call the police, or about the 100 lbs of marijuana they confiscated from there, yet I digress...). Soon, Jon and Kevin were cluttering up my apartment with video games, naughty words, furry animals and strange Simpsons phrases.

So, we carried on this way, me going along with them for swimming and frying my brain with all things Simpsons. Jon was even in our wedding, although he still claims he wants his money back, especially for his tux. Sorry, outta luck buddy!
Jon liked to help me introduce Kevin to vegetables and decent restaurants. Jon and I convinced Kevin, like only a year or so ago, to try green peppers at San Jose's Mexican restaurant (delish!) He finally agreed they weren't that bad. Jon also gave us Grandpa Sam's Italian restaurant. Mmm mm!
And who was the first person Kevin called and the first person to arrive to help us do a major one-day moving relay out of Ghetto brook? Jon. Of course. With a truck. And helped us move all day, for two days, into the mumbles townhouse. What a guy. hehe. And again, helped us move into our house? Yep, Jon. He and my brother loaded up moving trucks, other trucks, ripped up carpet in the new house, you name it. And he helped me convince Kevin that every house obviously needs a cat! And now we have two.

Oh it doesn't end there. Jon has been the go-to guy, the fix-it guy, pretty much any and all, he does it. Thanks to Jon I have a dimmer switch in my family room. And Jon came over one day and helped me steam, scrape, peel wall paper off until we were both covered in glue and nasty old country mauve paper. He loves to spend Kevin's money at Home Depot, and it's usually worth it hehe. There's plenty of other projects he's done or assisted with too. Moldings, baseboards, trim, landscaping... Although, he's the one who got Kevin wanting a hot tub, thanks a lot, so much that we ended up with one! And one of the first to come see Kian after he was born. As Kevin's mother likes to say "what would we do without Jon???" =)
(caught the cat mid-air here. these are old and he'll kill me for them! especially since he's all buff and stuff now!)
Some of Jon's favorite sayings:
"who has a rabbit for a pet anyways?"
"hoo hee hah"
"why you little!"
"are you stupid?"
Gosh, I wish I could remember them all, they're quite funny...


Superbad said...

Well that was very nice. :-)

Scarlett Johansson said...

Wow I'd do him.

Jennifer Connelly said...

Just the kind of guy I'm looking for.

Pam Anderson said...

Oooo yaaahh Ohhh Ahhhh

Rachel said...

well he's definately a good commenter!