The ultimate secret to amazing sugar cookies

I don't care what recipe you use, they're all pretty similar, but the one and only thing that will make your cookies better than anyone else's and soft too?

2 tbsp of orange juice and a few scrapes of the peel.

Seriously. Always add in 2 tbsp of OJ and grate a little orange or lemon zest into the bowl. Can be store OJ or straight from the orange.

After testing a billion sugar cookie/cut-out recipes the last few years, the one we always go back to, that tastes better and is better texture-wise is the one with the OJ in it. I have no idea why this works, maybe the acid breaks down some of the somethings? haha. This Christmas we made 3 different recipes and everyone preferred the ones with OJ in them. You can't taste it, it just somehow makes it better. That and taking them out about 2 minutes before you think they're done.

Now you know my secret.

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