What, exactly is going on here? I come home yesterday to Kian with a fever and miserable. Just can't catch a break here. He's okay with Tylenol but once it wears off he's moaning, miserable, cries if we touch or move him and has a fever of almost 102. Granted, every kid at daycare was out a few days last week, so I know they're just all passing it around. But, after Kevin and I get over the stomach bug, now he gets sick?

I'm not sure what's worse at this point-having a sick child and feeling like we can't just all be healthy at the same time, or being so behind at work from barely being there? I don't think I've worked a full week since my Christmas vacation. That's not so good. Especially since I need to get things in order, so they stay in order and on a good system through the end of the summer, when I decide what exactly will be happening with work or staying home. Plus, it drags the overall team percentages down if I can't keep up my work. Ugh!

Thankfully, I have a willing mother-in-law who is always offering and always here when I need her to be, to help with anything or watch Kian. Now, I know how my mom felt about her mother-in-law, invaluable. I recall many a days with Grandma McKnight =) But, on the other hand this makes me feel like I should just be home worrying about my kid and not work. Guilt of a working mother I guess.

And Jon, we drink our OJ. We take our vitamins. Like the doctor told me before, if he didn't get the germs and immunities from daycare now, Kian would just be out sick all the time in kindergarten, which would be worse. So, I guess I'll take it now. I get a free morning and will go into work around lunchtime, just have to bust my butt to get things done.

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mortey said...

you are just unhealthy people. must be the cheap OJ.