Weekend Update

I feel like I haven't posted anything remotely interesting in a very long time. We're finally over all our sickness. Thank you God! Kian has recovered almost 100% from his illness. Fever went away the next morning after we went to the doctor's. Said it was probably a virus, but to watch in case more signs of meningitis appeared. He could very well have the mild viral kind, but they wouldn't do anything for it anyways. The treatment would have been fluids and Tylenol. Which we were already doing. His neck/head still seems a bit sore at times, but so much better. He's still not completely back to his old self, a bit whiny/clingy but so much improved.

So, other than sickness what have we been up to? Well, today we did this:

I didn't plan on or want to move Kian up to his "big boy bed" just yet. But, yesterday and today when I came to get him he had one leg over the side rail. Not cool. The way the crib is, because it turns into a full-size bed also, is rounded top rails and easy to slide off one his foot was up there. I knew it was only hours or days before he took a head-first dive onto the wood floor. So, we asked him if he wanted his race car bed and to say bye-bye crib. He went right in and said "bye bye crib", waved and said "race car bed". That was that. Kevin's client was kind enough to give us this, in great shape, race car bed. It's a twin and seems so big for him now. But, what I like is that I can crawl in it with him, read to him and snuggle while putting him to bed. No more leaning over the rails and that wouldn't last long anyways the way my stomach is already growing. He got up once at nap time, at bedtime he didn't get up at all. At daycare he's been on a cot so he's somewhat used to it. Kevin did it all himself, and it's all correct and the crib is still up in the other room, waiting now.

I came down into the family room (aka the toy/play room) the other morning and found Kian had done this:

Apparently the lion had horrible vision, or wanted to look smarter.

Remember those 2 days in February where it hit 58 degrees? Those wonderful, blessed days? We took full advantage and played outside for awhile. I guess sandboxes don't lose their appeal even in winter.

Look! Buds on my lilac bush already! (that's Lie-lock, not lie-lack!)

And of course we made brownies. This is what happens when you let a toddler "lick" the beater:

It also ends up on the china cabinet, floor, wall, chair and cushion, and everywhere else you can imagine finding 2 weeks later. Gotta love it. So, in between all that sickness, that's what was going on here in the Glor house.


Anonymous said...

i hope its a new mattress?

Innocence Underrated said...

it's our twin mattress, not from the person who gave us the bed. we had a twin bed with wooden frame here, so we took that one down and used that mattress. it's all clean. they wanted to give us a mattress but i saw pee stains and said no lol