WTF? OB version

I know, I know. I don't use those words. But, Jon and I like to email our "WTF" lists to each other throughout the day of stupid people, stupid things, things that make no sense, that annoy us, etc. It's like venting. So here's mine:

I had my 12 week prenatal appointment today. I only gained one pound in the last month-Yay me! Blood pressure is low as usual. The nurse left and I read a magazine until the doctor came in. She says "Hi, how are you, you look good." I say that I'm doing fine. She then says "Good. Okay I have to put you on the high risk category". Here's where that comes in: WTF? What? Excuse me? Huh? Wait, what again?

I thought she was joking. But, she was serious. Why? How in the world am I high risk? Technically, and really, I'm not. It's because of my Factor VII clotting disorder. Mind you, I have a mild to moderate level. I occasionally get my levels checked. It is *probably* the cause of the annoying, excessive nosebleeds (hello, dad? get it checked, you gave it to me!) and heavy periods. Last time with Kian, I had blood levels checked 3 times throughout the pregnancy and they actually improved. Like, to normal person levels. So, no action was taken, no need for anything.

I guess what happened was, another doctor in the practice recently got an OB patient with Factor VII disorder and brought it up to the practice. Which, of course, turned into a committee thing and a hospital thing and a practice thing and a huge stupid deal. My doctor asked them what the big deal was, told them about me before, etc. They decided as a (CYB) policy that it needs to be labeled high risk. I'm about as low risk as you get! Fortunately, they decided at this meeting/committee that us Factor VII patients don't need to go to a special high risk OB, just have close monitoring of levels and checks with the Hemophilia center, etc. Which, was our plan anyway, like before. How annoying?! It just goes in my record so everyone knows should something go wrong. I just don't like being labeled that, the hospitals and doctors are going to see that and act nutty!

Anyway, the good news is that she found the heartbeat immediately and it's perfect. 6 more weeks until ultrasound. And American Idol is on tonight. And I made delicious ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner. And I have some good snacks to get to. Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

better safe than sorry--Doctor is probably just covering their own a--

Allisan said...

Glad to hear all went pretty well and baby has a strong heartbeat! How did they find out you had that blood issue? Just with a normal blood test? That is my biggest fear is getting a blood clot, cause pregnant woman are at greater risk.

Anonymous said...