Now, if you know me, you know I don't typically require much sleep. I pulled so many over-nighters in college it's ridiculous. I didn't flinch when we brought Kian home and I woke up every other hour. I did just fine throughout the next day even. But, this. This is pure exhaustion, the likes of which I've never experienced.

I never knew the meaning of tired until now. Kevin, he can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, for minutes or hours and still go to bed with no problem. If I take a nap, I usually don't sleep at night. That has all changed with this pregnancy. The extreme fatigue I feel daily, hourly is just ridiculous. I wasn't quite prepared for this. Hormones and chasing around a toddler while trying to maintain housework, real work and relationships is overload. I actually take naps whenever I can, and spend most evenings curled up under a blanket trying to stay awake until 8 or 9 o'clock. It will pass soon and I'll get more energy as it goes on, at least until the end anyway.

The other problem we're having lately is Kian is waking up earlier and earlier. He used to be a 12 hour sleeper, all night, no problem. He takes about a 2 hour each day. Usually we put him down around 7 and he sleeps until 7 am. This week, however, he is waking up at 6:15, 5:20, 6 am, etc. This makes it very difficult for me to get ready (this is my shower time) and makes him cranky. We tried putting him to bed a half hour later, that only resulted in him waking up at 5:20 the next morning (mostly because he peed through his diaper). I know he still needs that amount of sleep. I'm hoping it's just a little phase and we'll get back to the good sleeping. He doesn't wake up at night. Which, I was nervous about after switching to the new bed. He stays in the bed all night, doesn't get out until morning. Even if he wakes up he just calls us. Perhaps it's just the switch of the bed. But his room is nice and dark, and I wish he'd at least sleep long enough to let me get my shower in. Well, without him trying to climb in too!

So, with us both wide awake by 6 am this morning, and me with having a late meeting today at 4 pm, that will make for 2 very tired people this evening.

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Anonymous said...

he has just gone on daylight savings time a few days early. next week 6.15 will be 7.15