What we've been up to

Saturday was pretty much just a lazy day to clean and grocery shop. It was nice not having to do anything. Friday night concluded our long annoying week with dinner and a trip to the fish store...with Jon...like last week. And every week?

Sunday we went out to my parents' house for Kiara's birthday. Grilled steak out. That was delicious, it's been awhile!

I got my Nikon on Friday night so I have been playing and learning it all weekend. Still not close to knowing everything. I know what I want it to do and then have to read in the book because there's so much to it. I am in love. I really wanted the D90 but paying off bills with the tax return was the right thing to do. I keep telling myself, especially with another baby on the way. So far, I've just been taking random pictures. I haven't even pretended to focus on the lighting, coloring, whatever yet. Just focusing and learning the camera. My Kodak easyshare camera was...nice. But, took forever to actually take the picture. Here's what I'm amazed at: it's so quick I can even capture cold dog breath in the air! Look:

And here is what happens when you tell Kian to say "cheese".

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