St. Paddy's Day Parade

The weather was perfect (for March in Rochester) and the parade was enjoyable. (Probably because we didn't get too close to the bars.) That morning I realized Kian didn't really own green clothes! Wow. Oh well. Aside from rude people not following proper parade etiquette and getting in front of us, in front of Kian and pushing us around, we had a great time.

Thank you.


This guy was really into it.

Irish wolfhound. Duh.

Amazing dancers, amazing dresses.

My boys

Younger girls, still talented, still very pretty outfits.

And thank you, too.

We topped off the day by having a late lunch/early dinner of...a garbage plate. In true Rochester fashion. This was Kian's first garbage plate. He loved it. The kid eats anything!

*Please, please tell me you know that Nick Tahou's created the first garbage plate. It consists of 2 hamburg patties (or hots) on top of fries, mac salad and/or baked beans drowned in hot sauce and mustard. It really is delicious.

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missmonkeyhill said...

Oh how cruel to introduce the culinary delight that appears to be the Garbage Plate to a heavily pregnant woman who lives an ocean away from the closest source of this goodness!!