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I'm no fancy blogger with awe-inspiring posts each day or infinite wisdom to dispense, so my post titles are clearly lacking in creativity and even relation to the post. Whatever. At this point if you are still reading my blog at all you're more interested in my random weirdness than being inspired and touched with heartfelt miracle stories. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Anyways. This week has been extremely busy at work. Wednesday I put in a super long day and that was not fun. Normally I work 8-4, I got in there a little after 9 and didn't get home until 6:30. I know there are people who do that daily but YUCK! No thank you. It just is hard to spend time with Kian and Kevin, especially when Kian goes to bed by 7:30. What was also annoying was that I had a lot of visits/meetings and was driving all over the county. Being in the car is really killing my back lately, as is sitting in my office chair.

Due to this horrendous lower back, tailbone, hip/buttocks pain I've been going to a chiropractor the last 2 weeks. It has seriously helped me so so much. I had some back pain with Kian but it was at the end, when I was enormous and that just made sense. Some of this now is coming on from me not getting my back and abs in to great shape after the first time, the old tailbone injury festering, and now I am carrying around an almost 30 lb, almost 2 year old. Well, I barely carry him, but there's the picking up and down for changing and in the parking lot and in the car seat, etc. The side I carry him on is the side that has been slowly breaking my leg off my body. The chiro said my tailbone was not in the right position, makes sense we all agreed, since in '05 i broke it and it took a couple months to feel "normal" again.

The plan is that she's going to get me all aligned and I'll continue my yoga, stretching and other exercises to keep it in check throughout the rest of the pregnancy, seeing her occasionally for readjustments. This is the first time I'd been to a chiro, my mom and brother have gone before, but I was always nervous. It feels great though, a little spinal massage and heat thrown in and it's a nice half hour of quiet almost pampering time.

Other than that, we're both just busy at work. Kian has resumed his normal sleeping patterns after last week's refusal to go anywhere near his bed. Still not sure what that was about. I have just been trying to play with my camera still, but haven't had the time or energy after I get home. The weather has been nice this week so I did get outside but would anyone cooperate? No. Kian and I are going to attend an Easter Bunny pancake breakfast at Kevin's mother's church Saturday. Should be interesting, I'll take some pictures.

Then, we just plan on enjoying the 50 degree weather! woo hoo! (Although, with warm weather comes construction, as 490 is now down to one side and almost ready to be torn to shreds again! Ugh!) At work we are taking on the Eat Well, Live Well challenge and counting our steps and fruit/veggie servings daily. I'm great about the veggie intake, but I need to get out and walk more! There are prizes involved!

Kevin took this picture, but I think it's funny how fast his hands were flying on the keyboard. He always points out the k, o and n. He thinks he gets Elmo to come up, but he doesn't know I secretly do it with the mouse =D I gotta brag, the kid is super smart. He says 3 and 4 word sentences now, tells me to draw things for him (babies being his favorite). He has a little best friend at school--a girl! He always includes her in his prayers at night. He says thank you to God for different people every night, but Jon and Kenzie are always on there! He knows his shapes, colors, counts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (no idea why he doesn't like one and two!). My paranoia keeps me watching how his feet turn in, ankles roll in a bit, especially without shoes. All my clients with that problem get foot braces, which I don't' want, but don't want to ignore it. Kevin does have very flat feet also though. AND! He goes pee on the potty. I started out just asking if he wanted to sit whenever we were getting in the bath. He did, and he went. Then I ask him whenever I change his diaper and he wants to sit on the "big, big potty". He has gone every single time he sits on there. He lets us know if he wants his diaper changed, but isn't yet telling us he has to go on the potty. Which is fine, I just wanted him to start getting used to the feeling of sitting on it. I'd like to work on it this summer for sure. Of course, he refuses the cute little potty chair we shelled out $20 for, opting for the real toilet. Whatever works kid.
The best though is that he tells us "good morning" and "I love you", without us telling him to do it! I'll have to get out the video soon! Until then...

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