I think it's gonna be a great day

Ever hear this hilarious song by Sean Morey? It's great. I Think it's going to be a great day My humor-twist on this week.

So, we recovered from our sickness. It was short-lived, but awful while it lasted. Kian was spared the vomiting part and didn't really seem to catch it. Good for him.

I've been feeling good lately. Morning sickness seems to be on it's way out. Yay. Although, chicken still makes me gag, I am now able to eat fruits and vegetables again. I made Kevin stop and get me watermelon Thursday because I just had to have it. This is when I like being pregnant, instead of just feeling miserable and wanting to puke for 2 months, you can finally feel good and enjoy it. Until that scale starts creeping up...

I scrubbed the house again today, top to bottom. I feel like it's super clean and the germs are finally out. I made some delicious chili tonight. We got our federal tax return back. And paid off the blazer. Woo hoo. We're trimming our expenses and budget down while we figure out if I will be able to (or want to) go back to work next winter. We already know we can't afford to put 2 kids in daycare full-time, that would only leave $100 a month for my salary, which is just stupid. That would be the gas to get everywhere. We could balance it out by doing daycare 3 days/week and finding other options for the other 2 days or seeing if I can work from home part-time. There's a lot to figure out in the next few months. Blah. But, I can tell you this right now: Friday when it was nasty, cold, snowing, blowing. I said I do NOT want to be carting 2 kids, 1 running toddler and 1 in a car seat, around to daycare and all over in this stupid weather next winter. Too much work getting them bundled up and carrying seats and bags all over, what a pain. So, we'll work on that later.

I think however, I am going to splurge and buy myself (it's for us as a family too!) the Nikon digital I've been wanting. I told Kevin that he wouldn't have to buy me another present this year, no birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary or Christmas present, if I can buy this. That's how bad I want it. So, we'll see. I've been doing my research. I won't buy anything other than a Nikon. Canon's good, seems crisper/sharper, but Nikon captures faces and colors better from what I've seen. Plus, with the Nikon film we have now, the lenses would be interchangeable.

Today is my dad's birthday--Happy Birthday Dad. 53. hehe. Shh don't remind Grandma how old her kids are! We were out there 2 weekends ago for Kenny's birthday and no one seemed to know what to do this weekend. Guess mom and dad went out alone for dinner. Good thing his present is going right to the house. Kiara's 10th birthday is in 2 weeks, so I'm sure we'll be out there again for that anyway. It was nice to just stay home, clean up and not go anywhere. I think we've finally recuperated, and only because this time we really rested instead of pushing it before we were ready. (Jon, I don't' know how you don't get all this garbage when you work in the snotty kid museum! Ew! Hand rails and doorknobs FULL of germs and viruses!)

Well, since Kevin is at a poker game and Kian is in bed, I plan on playing my Cooking Mama Wii game, under a blanket and watching whatever garbage is on TV until I fall asleep! Happy Sunday all!


Allisan said...

We just got a Canon dgital. I think its called the Rebel ESI EOS? I love it but need to learn ow to use more of the features on it.

Anonymous said...

i knew you would survive

Anonymous said...

hmm I returned my Rebel. hehe. I drink OJ and an algae smoothie. all the germs have built up my immunse system. you could be playing virtua tenni 2009. that is all