Out of commission

Sick. We've been sick. Really, really sick. Sunday I woke up feeling not so great, but that isn't unusual with morning sickness. Then the vomiting began... and didn't stop. I couldn't keep anything down, not a sip of Gatorade, not a spoonful of jello or chicken broth, nothing. I was almost wishing it would come out the other end. Ugh. Kevin took care of Kian Sunday while I slept most of the day away. I could barely stand up for a few minutes. The pain in my stomach was wretched, like i ate a box of rocks and they were all slamming around in there. Horrible. Finally, Sunday night I was able to keep down a few spoonfuls of jello.

Monday, I was feeling a bit better. Able to keep things down and move around a bit. But, Kian woke me up saying "mommy...mommy, wash". What? Hmm. So I go in there and see it. Poop, diarrhea all over him and his crib. Wash indeed. I couldn't even enter his room without gagging. I had to call Kevin's mom for help. It was that bad, and I was still pretty nauseous. Thankfully, she came over to help clean up and did some laundry for me and entertained Kian for a bit. Then my mom came over and finished cleaning and laundry. Between them both my house was sparkling, laundry was done, folded, put away, beds all changed, and everything was bleached down and germ free. Whew. I was able to just rest. I tried to do a few things, but that didn't last too long. But, at least I wasn't throwing up anymore.

I was woken up in the middle of the night by Kevin vomiting. In the bathroom thankfully. And moaning for some Gatorade. He threw up all night. He's home resting now. It seems that there's a period of vomiting several times, then it stops and you just feel awful. So, I didn't sleep much hearing him getting up all night long. Then we woke up to Kian...you guessed it. Diarrhea all over the crib-again! UGH!! I hadn't changed a diaper since Saturday evening between Kevin, my mom and his mom doing it Sunday and Monday. So, between us both this morning we were able to bathe him and I just had to throw out the sheet. So gross! Now doing another load of bedding in hot, hot water. Fun times I tell you, fun times.

I was hoping to make it in to work for a bit today. If Kian goes down for a nap and Kevin's resting, I might be able to sneak out a bit. But, sitting around the house is different from getting dressed, driving in and working. So we'll see. The last time I threw up and had a violent stomach bug like this was over 2 years ago. When I was pregnant with Kian. Exactly the same-about 10 weeks pregnant, Kevin brought it home from the gym. I think my immune system is just weaker or more susceptible to vomiting bugs during this time? I don't know, but I hate it. Hopefully, Kian just gets the diarrhea part and not the vomiting. I'll probably feel better going back to work tomorrow and he'll get the vomiting part. Oh the joys of illness and parenting. Here's hoping everyone else does NOT get this and is feeling great! I'm off to watch Elmo under a blanket with some jello.


pedne said...

so unhealthy. I'll wear a Hazmat suit the next time I visit.

Why not put some pics of the poorly arranged room so your bloggers can comment?

Allisan said...

I hope you all get better soon!