Just Monday

It's quite hard to be posting exciting, interesting materials when your brain is mush. And you feel like garbage. But, sitting here in the dark (it shouldn't be this dark at 6:41 am) sipping my ginger tea, nibbling a muffin to prevent severe sickness, I am thinking I should do something about this blog.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my parents' house for Kenny's birthday. We had a nice dinner and they (kids, Kevin, Patrick, Kourt & Joe) spent about 4 hours on the Wii. Crazy people. It's nice when everyone wants to see your child and you feel yucky and you can just lay there and let them. hehe.

Today, Kevin's mother is sick and she usually watches Kian here on Mondays. So, I am home for now with him. That's the only bad thing. At least at daycare if someone is sick there is a sub. I think I'll go in for a bit when Kevin gets home. Mondays he gets out early, around lunchtime. I really have a ton of work to do and finish up from last month, etc. so it wasn't a great time. Oh well. I do enjoy being able to take it slow in the morning and basically be lazy for a bit.

I also am taking next Monday off to get my keyless entry installed in the van. Finally! It's no picnic without it. Can only open the driver's side door with a key then unlock the rest of the van, then open whatever other door you need. Blah!

We finished our taxes this weekend, so hopefully that will come soon! We're doing pretty good this year, with Kevin's business and all. Unfortunately, his business is still showing some loss, which isn't good for business, but is good for tax returns. ha! Let's just say we can finish paying off his blazer, and I can get my camera and put some in savings. Thank you God! Yay!

I guess since I am home for now and not feeling too badly that I really need to get this house cleaned up! It's in need of a good sweeping and vacuuming. I've been keeping up with putting toys away and putting dishes in the dishwasher, but that's about it. I know, I know. But, like I keep telling Kevin-just a few more weeks. Around week 12 I feel better, so just under 3 weeks to go here and things will be back to "normal" around here. Maybe. =)

So much for Kian sleeping in today...off to get him.

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Allisan said...

Hope you get feeling better really soon! I was pretty lucky, I never had the morning sickness. I may next pregnancy though, I have heard of people not getting it with one and then getting it bad with the other.