Random Questions on a Wednesday

*Where does the water go that the sump pump sucks up? Doesn't it get sucked up from the house, piped out to my septic tank, which is just putting more water back out into the yard, that is coming in the house to the sump pump? Huh?

*Where is this stimulus package money coming from? The country has a national deficit, so how can it just make money magically appear? Isn't that like me going "Kevin, we're having a chocolate chip deficit! It's a crisis!" And then Kevin says "oh, don't worry, I will make 700 billion chocolate chips. Some for use in cookies to stimulate the baking economy, and this will create work for other baking goods, it's all good" And poof, chocolate chips appear. I must not have paid attention in Participation In Government class....?

*Why did the Richard Simmons dress-alike kid make it in American Idol?

*Why do people call and leave me a message and then call again the next day with the same message? Don't you think it might just take me more than a few minutes to call you back with the info you want? Ugh!

*How can I be starving and ready to vomit at the same time?

There are a million more random things in my head but I won't subject you to them. This baby mush brain, morning sickness and exhaustion is taking it's toll on me.

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eliza dooosh koo said...

yes, the water goes back into the ground. It shouldn't go in the septic tank, it should just go into a dry well and seep back into the ground, at your house... who knows.

Try economics class. It's called demand side economics/priming the pump/keynesian economics/deficit spending (when no one else is spending, who is left!!!?? the gov't!) The gov't spends money to buy goods and services (infrastrucutre, etc.) business hires and spends to fulfill that demand, the newly hired workers have $ so they spend. More spending = higher demand for goods and services = more businesses hire and more are employed and more can spend. see the link?! economy rebounds. unlike gummo bush's supply side economics.

Who watches american idol?

did the crazy lady call?

try spicy chili.