Cheesy cravings

My pregnancies seem to be more about food aversions and avoidances than cravings. (First time I couldn't stand beef or tacos, this time I couldn't stand chicken. I am finally eating chicken again after 16 weeks.) However, I have noticed I crave cheese and dairy a lot more while pregnant than any other time in my life. I suppose this is because I do not drink milk.

Yes, gasp, sputter. I hate milk. I can't stand the taste of it, can barely get a few gulps of chocolate milk down even. On cereal? A splash just to get it damp, but I rarely eat cereal either-unless it's dry.

Last time, I ate lots of cheese, ice cream and cottage cheese. This time, I still like a snack of cheese and crackers, and have cottage cheese a few times a week for lunch, but what is really driving me crazy is macaroni and cheese. Ohhh yum. Every day I just want a huge, steaming hot bowl of mac and cheese. Homemade is best, but in a pinch any will do. But, absolutely not from a box. Frozen, is decent, but never from a box. I need really gooey cheese in there.

Don't worry, I do take a prenatal vitamin with calcium supplement and my OJ is calcium/vitamin fortified. Plus, I incorporate all my veggies and fruits so my diet is balanced and not lacking in calcium, I just know I need more of it to build baby bones too.

Now, excuse me while I stalk some mac and cheese...

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