You call yourself a parent?

View this disturbing article: 14 year old girl posts nude pictures of self.

Then, tell me-what kind of parents does she have? Yes, I know she did it. Yes I know she should have known better. Yes she needs to be responsible for her actions, etc. and so on.

But, at 14 she should still be monitored while using a computer. My parents' computer was in the dining room, there was no "privacy" to upload those kinds of pictures and post them to a public site. This is also her parents responsibility to ensure her activities on the computer are appropriate.

I know that kids these days have access to all kinds of technology that even I didn't have 5 years ago. But, that just calls for more vigilant parenting. It's not an easy job, no one ever said it would be. And it seems that it gets harder as kids enter those teenage years, not easier. Just because they are more independent able to care for themselves, doesn't mean they necessarily should.

Maybe it's just me, but Kevin and I agree that we don't want our kids to have a tv or computer in their rooms. Especially a computer, where access is wide open to the world. Um, hello? that's what parental locks aer for. Stop giving your 9 year olds digital cameras, cell phones and computers in their bedrooms. You're just asking for this.

I don't agree she should be charged as a sex offender, but I do think there should be some punishment. What about her parents? Is there something about lack of supervision on a minor? Or charging the girl with endangering a child-because lots of other minors saw that picture as well?

These are the tings that make me pull my hair out and wonder why there isn't a rigorous exam by a psychiatrist, pediatrician, social workers and teachers that parents must pass before having children?

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