Last Saturday we went to the zoo when it was about 60 degrees. It was fantastic. Kian absolutely loved it. This time he could run around and try to touch everything. These pictures are in no particular order.

This was the best, the sea lion kept swimming up to play with the kids:

Kian thought this was great. He kept saying "rhino fight" all day long:

Sea lion was showing off for us:

And this monkey/gibbon thing was showing off for Kevin:

Poor leopard just kept pacing in it's tiny cage, I felt so bad!

Tigers were pacing too, they needed to be free!

Grant going along for a ride:

More fighting rhinos:

Although my picture-taking abilities haven't really improved much, I can tell the tremendous difference this camera makes in what I can take! So happy with it!

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Cassius Clay said...

I give you a membership to the zoo and I wasn't invited!