It's in full force. I've been on a cleaning frenzy. Well, not just cleaning. There's organizing, rearranging, painting, moving furniture from various get the idea. The baby's room is all painted. I'll take pics this week. I did the steam cleaner on the rug. We have just used the room for storage so didn't do much since we moved in, but those people were dirty in there! The carpet was yuck! I cleaned it twice and rinsed it twice (that means lots of dumping and refilling of the water tank) and after forever, the water was still not perfectly clean when I finished. But it look much, much better. And smells good too.

We put the white nursery furniture in the baby's room and gave Kian the "big boy" dresser. It's wooden, and it's low enough that I use it as a changing table and a dresser. That means less stuff in his room and a little more play space. Now just to find a home for some leftover junk. House is feeling much more organized. And we've officially repainted/redone every room in the house now! Only took 3 years =)

This nesting urge is still strong, and I think I will tackle some closets this week that need re-organizing and rearranging. And then to purge some more junk from my house. It feels good to get rid of stuff and have things actually organized in a way that makes sense! But, since I've been on my feet all day, I think it's time for a date with a bowl of Pecan Praline.

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