Because it wouldn't be October without...

bumps, bruises, lumps, blood and more! If you recall last October I was getting the scary call from daycare stating my child split his head open and needed stitches and to please come get him now.

I just realized, after this happened, it's October after all, so why not again?

Kian asked to feed the fish. I said yes, I would help him after I put something away in the kitchen. Two year olds are not known for their patience. But, you already knew that. He knows how to undo the cabinet safety locks (didn't take him long at all to figure that out once I put them on) so he got the fish food himself apparently. The tank is next to the couch, so he climbs on the arm of the couch. But, all I heard was *THUD* and *shriek, scream, sob*. I found him wedged between the wall, couch and fish tank, face first, looking like this:

there's a huge lump forming under his hair on the right side

He needed lots of ice and kisses he said, but then kept saying, while sobbing "I'm okay, I'm okay". I said "you are not okay!"

One hour later after lots of ice:

oh my oh my

and 24 hours later:

Thankfully, the skin didn't break, it did more of a road rash deal underneath. It is starting to scab a bit and he says it's itchy. The lump went away after the icing. I kept checking his eyes to make sure he could see and that he didn't blind himself. I hope he learned his lesson about patience, waiting and listening to mommy and not climbing on dangerous things. Ha! Doubtful since he's full-blown boy, two year old thinking he's five. I'll just keep my first aid kit stocked and doctor's number on hand...

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Anonymous said...

my mom used to say "little bumps of knowledge"