More Kianisms

The boy just doesn't stop lately. The vocabulary lately is growing rapidly. We can't say anything at all, or he repeats it, uses it properly forever! Like the time Kevin said "stupid lady!" to a car that cut him off on the expressway. Now, every time we get into the car and drive down the road he says that to another car, or in wegmans parking lot to a very elderly lady. Luckily we were still in the car when he said it. Grr!

He likes to tell me that Karter is wide awake. Not just awake, wide awake. If he cries, Kian coos "Mommy's coming Karter, she's coming".

This morning I asked him if he had scratched his eye injury, as the scab was gone. He said yes. I said we needed to put some cream (neosporin) on it and please don't itch it anymore. He says "it's all better mommy, how about another bump?" Um, how about NO! No more lumps and bumps!

When I asked him who his cousins were, he said "Grant and Grandma" guess he's just wishing for more cousins. Who is going to provide those cousins, I have no idea!

His new favorite saying? "Let's figure something out". And that covers a lot of issues from lunch to toys to cleaning up to who knows what. It's a stalling technique, a request for help, and a way to get out of cleaning up.

When changing his poopy diaper last week, he was reaching around to get a new one and I (firmly, slightly annoyed) said "Kian! Stop rolling around, you're going to get poop everywhere! Stay still!"
The boy knows how to work it. He looks at me with his big eyes and bats his eyelashes and says "Thank you for helping me mommy. Thank you for changing my diaper" and flashes a huge smile. How can you be mad at that, and then he makes me feel guilty for being annoyed with him! I am scared about what to do when he gets older...he'll use those techniques on girls and they'll be all over, doing whatever he wants. Oy vey!

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