Brotherly love

Kian is very much in love with Karter---most of the time. As long as Karter's not crying, he wants him, kissing him, holding his hands. And if he's sleeping--opening his eyes! Yes, we have to be very, very observant. I'm glad he's turned the corner on the aggressiveness with Karter, but his love can be painful too!

How I got them both smiling at the same time, I have no idea! Fast camera!

They wore their baseball outfits to the museum Halloween party. I thought they portrayed the World Series nicely...until I realized Kian's shirt said Rangers. Oops. What do I know about baseball, anyway?

My favorite:

Another fave- whispering "love you Karter buddy" in his ear

So happy to be the big brother, so unsure about being the little brother!

We're doing much better as Kian will cover his ears now if Karter is bothering him. He tries to be so helpful, but his help isn't always the best. But, I don't want to damper his enthusiasm so I give him small, easy tasks to do (get the blanket, find him a toy, etc.) and make him feel important. It's working for now...until Karter knocks over his towers or chews on his McQueen car...

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