911-I need a nap!

I don't think I've ever been standing this many hours in a row. Right this minute is the first time I've sat down, literally, since 6 am yesterday morning. Yes, with the exception of falling dead into bed at 11:45 pm and jumping right out again at 6 am this morning. I've been standing up cleaning, packing, moving stuff around, vacuuming, dishes, yard work, kid chasing, diapers, baths, cooking, shopping, setting up for garage sale, tagging things, selling at the garage sale, taking puppy for walks, feeding kids and playing with kids, you name it, I did it.

I really, really, really need a nap. Or to at least put my feet up for a few.

While at the garage sale today (we held it at Kevin's parents because they have a busier road, and they don't have a garage full of half-packed boxes and things removed from the house) we also had someone for the first showing of our house at 10:30 this morning. No word on how that went, so I'm guessing unless they want to make an offer, we won't hear anything.

Sadly, we haven't sold too much from our garage sale. Ugh, get rid of it! Probably the dark clouds and extreme humidity kept everyone away. Oh well.

We got the word that my grandparents are set to get their new place on July 1st. That means whenever our house sells, we start moving. ah! When we first started talking about this, I think we all figured within the year or something. Then they were told they wouldn't have a place til late summer/early fall, so we were thinking like 4 months or so. Now, it's like, it could happen in a few weeks. Crazy. I was hesitant for a few weeks, but now that we've all made the decision and things are happening, I kind of just want it to happen and be done with it. I don't want to even think about how much stuff and junk we have to pack and move. We're definitely hiring movers! The thought of that whole process is now making my brain hurt. I'm off to sit down for a few before Karter and Finn wake up and it's time for craziness and dinner all over again....later!

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babyfood said...

Changing homes takes over your life. Remember that once it's done, you'll just be HOME, and new possibilities abound. Congrats on finding the space you wanted for your family!
PS Planning to be in WNY for Anna's graduation & would love to see you and get the 9-month-olds together.