Ok, now I'll tell (the big changes coming!)

So...there's been some hints and clues about some things going on with us lately. Now that everything is set into motion, and the right people are in the know, I feel I can safely "let the cat out of the bag".

It's no secret we've been casually looking for a house with more land. Both Kevin and I really feel the need, the urge for more space. Guess we're just both still country at heart. This whole suburbia thing is wearing on us. We're sick of having to make our lawn perfect (we're the only ones on our street who don't regularly-every 3weeks-have a lawn service come, and we have-gasp-dandelions!) and keep the driveway perfectly sealed, and all that yuppy stuff. We want fresh air, to not hear the stinkin' expressway every time we open the windows, a place for kids and dogs to run, etc. So, last month while at my grandma's a discussion came up about her house. You know, the huge one, with the indoor pool, the 6+ acres, a large pond, that my grandfather built with his own two hands, yeah that one. The one Kevin says "man I want this house" every time he steps inside. Essentially they asked if we were serious about wanting it.

Well, a month later, after much discussions and number-talking and figuring and deliberating and "how could we not, it fell into our laps?" we did it. Last night, the realtor came and took pictures of the (incredibly clean and most uncluttered ever) house and it's being listed today. My grandparents will be moving into a one story town home and we will buy their house. It's looking like late summer, early fall. I honestly never thought I'd move back that way again. We always were looking out on this side and in Monroe county. But, it's such an opportunity that we could not turn it down!

I am a creature of habit, I loathe change. Really, really hate it. But, it's good change. There's such an opportunity for Kevin to expand his business, now that he'll have space to do that, and possibly open a fitness studio at some point. It's going to take a lot of getting used to, as I finally felt settled in here and was getting into programs with the kids, etc. Changing doctors and such, that will be a pain since I really found places I'm happy with! So funny, I'm worried that Canandaigua will not have as much to offer! The nice thing is that we'll still only be about 30 minutes from downtown, the museum, and other things. The commute is only about 4-5 miles longer for Kevin, than what he drives now, so that is really good.

I won't be able to call up my mother-in-law and ask her to come over in a few minutes anymore, or drop Kian off for a little bit like I have! Hmm! But the boys will have space to run and so will the puppy. We won't have to worry about dandelions or paving, or if the neighbors can hear our baby crying in the night, or hear our old neighbors yell at each other about their cat, or cringe when the neighbor behind us mows the lawn at breakneck speed with radio blasting. Nope. Just quiet, serenity, well until you step in and hear my kids yelling in the house that I'm sure will now echo their voices. =)

So, this is where life is taking us, we'll see what adventures await...

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Emily Rockcastle said...

Im so excited for you girl!! Congrats...