Just shut up already, or alternately titled: Less is more

I started this blog as an updater of sorts, to keep up with family and friends that were spread all around. To also keep updates of Kian, and then Karter, for my own sake as well as theirs. To share pictures. To share information and recipes and research and whatever. But, lately I'm feeling I've gone too far. I'm using it as a personal journal and things are getting bigger than I intended. Not bigger in a good sense. Bigger, I guess, meaning, more out there, things that the world doesn't always need to know. I do like to show how I am growing and changing and learning as a person, a wife, a mother, and so on. But, sometimes, less is just more. Sometimes I need to just shut up.

I don't try to outdo anyone. I don't try to make myself look amazing and awesome. I don't want people to think that I'm trying to show off my kids and make others' feel discouraged or anything. I don't want everyone to go run out and do what I say when I post something. I don't expect people to always agree with me. I know I have some alternative views and different ideas and thinking and ways of doing things. I don't post car seat information or breastfeeding information to make others' feel bad or guilty. I post things I am passionate about in hopes that I share some insight or research or information others might not have heard or read about yet. I post things to maybe help the health and safety of others and children. I post things because I love to keep learning. I love to keep reading new things and finding new ways.

But, I'm feeling convicted lately to be less to be more. Be less to be more. I don't quite get it yet. I am putting my head around it. I think I see how it's going. I think less talk, more action. I think I need to step back. I need to put first things first. I need to reorganize and prioritize some things. So, facebook statuses and updates and blog posts might be minimized or less personal, I don't exactly know yet how it will look. I just know I need to find some more balance and perfect the art of not showing all my cards or spilling all the beans or think harder about how I might come across to others, even though I know my intent was good. So, I'll be figuring out how to be less to be more...

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