Busy Bees and Beavers

Because, Kevin always has to fit the word beaver in a conversation; and we think we have one living in our pond.

But, seriously, the month of June was super busy. I thought July might be quiet, and it is a bit less hectic, but still a lot going on. I don't even know when I blogged last. I have opened the site to start to blog a lot, but just never get around to it. In June we had: 4 family birthdays, including Kian's, a weeklong trip to Florida, I watched a little boy almost every single day, which included lots of driving around for preschool pick ups and drop offs, watched some other kids, have picnics and parties and paperwork and rearranged some more finances and did some auto trading, and a bunch more I have completely forgot.

Best part of the month, hands down: Florida. Seeing family that I haven't seen in at least 9 years, and having the boys meet everyone for the first time was awesome. Kian and Karter both took to grandma, Aunt "Moe" and Uncle KEvin right away. And grandpa's workshop with tools and cars and wood was exciting and they tried to sneak in there often. We went somewhere every day I think, so while it was relaxing, we still were on the go. But, it was great to not have to be in charge of house and pets and such for a week.

The flights that I was so nervous about actually went super smooth. The boys enjoyed them and Karter slept half of each flight. I didn't let my imagination go crazy and just trusted we'd be fine and we were. Thank you God. I just kept busy trying to keep the boys busy so I didn't think of crazy things. They didn't even need to be entertained too much on the plane, thanks to Leapster and new books.

Places we visited included: The Florida Aquarium, the boys loved that. Legoland, with Aunt Moe. They really enjoyed this, in fact, Kian said this was his favorite thing about. (When I asked Karter what his favorite thing about Florida was he said "grandma"! aw.) For the price of the park, you really need to love Legos. Kevin was really jealous he didn't get to go this time. We went on rides and saw all the amazing structures of US landmarks and cities. We visited Clearwater beach and Madeira beach. Both gorgeous. We visited "Bumpa" (ok, so that's my old name for him) and he took a liking to Karter and wanted to give him rides on his wheelchair. We took some driving tours of Ybor city and saw rooster's hanging out by the Cuban cigar shops. We had picnics and swimming with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Debra and Laura, whom the boys loved getting with the water shooters. We definitely hope we can come back and visit again soon!

While we were gone, Kourtney and Kevin held the fort down just fine. They found a dock someone was getting rid of and hauled it back to the pond. They also painted the sheds/chicken coop a nice 'barn red' with white trim. And no animals escaped or died while I was gone, and they ate well, only eating out twice while I wasn't here to cook ;)

Of course when we came back I had to get right at it with Kian's birthday coming up and his big reptile party. Family is awesome, as my cousin Lou (I still call him Louis) is in the reptile "biz" and was able to help us out with some really cool lizards, snake, huge tortoise and two alligators! And Kian was able to have some awesome friends over too!

Someday soon I will get pictures up here.

Made some financial decisions and I now have a (smaller) Chevy Cruze instead of my big ol' Traverse. I loved it, but practically, I didn't need it. Or the payment. At least all the landscaping and rearranging of land that Kevin is doing is free, only costing him muscle pains.

I thought July might be a bit slower, but so far, not really. More babysitting for the summer, 3 days per week. Kian and Karter like it tho, as they desperately want a little sister and Gracie can fill in that slot for the summer, all 15 months of her tiny cuteness. Lots of work around here as always, and a sick cat, and an unintentional dog warning caught Finn and gave him a pierced ear (it's healing nicely tho without any interventions other than some awesome healing spray) and then taking dad to his knee surgery (I'm about to hop up next to him and let them go to town on both of mine! Funny they didn't bother me as much in Florida, but I come home and try to work out and they're both busted up again. ugh. Guess they enjoyed the vacation too!) probably another family picnic, Kian has his best little girl friend's party coming up, Karter has taken in 2 honeybee stings and 4 wasp bite/stings, one even on his little bum! And trying to see if we can do one 'family fun' thing this summer, before I have to face the fact that my 'baby' will be 3 on September 3rd! Already! (time for another?!) And Patrick will be 30 on the 3rd also, kind of cool! And maybe Kevin and I can get a sitter and have a date night in there somewhere? It's been since...oh March, and we still have lots of gift cards from the holidays to use! At least the weather is nice and we are enjoying the sunshine and have the tans to prove it!

Whew! I might actually enjoy the cooler air this year and the long football games, just to stay still for a bit!

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